The Stirling Timepieces Gibson incorporates the SW200 automatic movement. It is certified for high levels of accuracy at a range of temperatures and finds itself in the top 6% of Swiss movements for accuracy.


Although our timepieces are hand crafted and assembled by skilled watchmakers, we understand things can go wrong. Fortunately, in the unlikely event that you do experience a fault our watches are mechanically guaranteed. All parts (excluding the strap and buckle) are covered by our guarantee and will either be repaired or replaced. If you experience any faults please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The strap and buckle of your timepiece will not be covered. Neither will damage caused by negligence or lack of care. This includes normal wear and tear as well as water damage caused by incorrectly securing the crown and allowing water to enter the dial. We always recommend you check your crown positioning before entering water as this is one of the most common user faults. 


In order to free the crown it first needs to be unscrewed anti clockwise until the crown pops open. Once the crown has popped it can then be rotated clockwise to manually wind it.

To set the date, pull the crown out to the second position. Turn the crown clockwise until you reach the desired date.

In general you should avoid changing the date of an automatic watch between the hours of 9PM and 3AM. The gears are usually engaged during this time and movement of the gears can cause misalignment which could inflict damage on the gears.

To set the time, pull the crown out to the third position. You will notice the seconds hand will stop which allows you to accurately set the date.


Incorrectly securing the crown is one of the most common user faults when operating a watch, so it’s crucial you ensure it is seated correctly. To secure the crown, apply pressure straight towards the watch case and screw the crown clockwise until it is completely flat against the case. Always ensure that the crown is secured to avoid possible exposure to dust and moisture. If the crown is not secured correctly, water will enter the dial and damage the internals.

Some final take away points:

We want to help: If you have any problems with your Stirling watch and are unsure if you are covered, get in touch with a member of the team. We are here to help and will always work with you to offer a solution to the problem.

Watches aren't 100% waterproof. The Gibson is water resistant up to 100m (10atm) and each watch passes factory testing to ensure this. Although we can guarantee that, we DO NOT recommend you wear your Stirling Timepiece in any location that will expose the watch to unnecessary heat or hot water. This includes the shower, bath, steam room or a hot tub. Such conditions may cause the seals to swell and allow water to enter its internals. Although this is uncommon in our watches, we always recommend against taking the risk. A prolonged exposure to heat or steam can sometimes leave a build up of moisture underneath the sapphire face which will cause problems to the mechanism. 

Avoid a watch winder. A watch winder will keep your watch running, but in reality it will expose your watch to continuous wear and tear on the movement.