Stirling Timepieces is owned and operated by a serving British Army soldier. With over 10 years service in the infantry, the idea was born from frustration with modern digital watches. The lack of reliability, cumbersome size and inability to guarantee charge led to a search for something better. The vision of creating an affordable analogue timepiece tailored to the modern day warrior was born.

Having served on operations in the middle east and Africa, the needs and requirements for a robust watch remain constant around the world. Although the market is flooded with smart fitness watches, they can often leave you caught short when they run out of battery. For a modern-day soldier, this is particularly inconvenient on operations and exercises when timekeeping is critical.

Stirling is run alongside day-to-day regimental duties, therefore please factor this in with our interaction and response times. Whilst we aim to interact with our supporters and customers on a regular basis, there are times where there may be delays due to military commitments.

Stirling Timepieces is dedicated to delivering high quality watches for the modern day warrior. We thrive to keep our timepieces affordable without sacrificing service or quality. Although Stirling Timepieces is run by a serving soldier, we do not claim to be members of the Special Air Service.


Although our main effort was to create this timeless yet beautifully designed watches, we also have our implied tasks. We believe it is in our duty to help and contribute to the ongoing battle of supporting and raising awareness for post traumatic stress injuries - a topic that is close to our hearts and we feel deserves more attention.

Stirling Timepieces are dedicated in supporting this battle against PTSD by donating 10% of profit from each sale back to military charities.